We are Gee General Limited

The Gee General Limited is a successful limited Company Owned by Partners with core business of Coffee trader. Since founding, our traditional business model was to buy Coffee from farmer, process and then grading thereafter sell to exporters through Tanzania Coffee Board Auction and/or Direct Export abroad under Licenced named “Private Parchment Buyer”.

Mission, Vision and Future

We are determined to be the best coffee export dealers, promoting variable unique coffees from Tanzania to the whole world and always provide our clients with prompt, affordable, and quality guarantee under our experience of over 15 years in Tanzania Coffee Industry.

Started the Company
It is almost a decade since we started our company with only three staffs, the same served as Directors. But not much later our team grows with more partners from collection from origin to auction and sometime to export gate.

Background & Development
The first company opportunities for commercial Coffee began in 2011. Since then, the Company has prospered rapidly with an average Turnover of USD One point Two Million annual with a focus of USD Two Million annual.

Our lines of Business
Punctual, Transparent and Faithfully

Management Directory

All three key persons who running the company are originated from the Coffee growing homes located at the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, whereby the first Coffee was introduced in Tanzania by Catholic missionaries in the year 1898 plus also variable experience In the industry.

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Douglas Malamsha

Working in Coffee Industries since 1997 as Coffee Factory Mill Manager with Taylor Winch Tanzania Ltd, a subsidiary Company of Volcafe International, From year 2001 till 2015 upgraded to another Volcafe Sister Company as General Manager for processing and exporting factory named Rafiki Cofffee Ltd, administrating 32 permanent employee and over 200 contract workers. Thereafter 2015 Partner Gee General as General Manager.

Elvis umbella

Working in Coffee Industries since 1994 working with Dorman Tanzania Ltd as head of Logistics and Coffee Operation Supervisor and from 2003 become Director of Dorman Sister MAP Supplier, both company was dealing with Coffee from farmer/ producer under licence of Coffee Private Buyer. Since 2010 form own Company Gee General Ltd and successful running the company till today.


Engelbert Shayo

He had been working in Coffee Industries since 1995 Working with Dorman Tanzania Ltd as operation Supervisor from 2003 become Dorman Sister’s Company MAP Supplier, both company ware buying Coffee from farmer/ producer as under licence of Coffee Private Buyer. Since 2010 form own Company Gee General Ltd and successful running the company till today.

Clientele Portfolio

With so many years of experience in the business, our company is your
source for the highest quality coffee and exporting service.